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Mupana tours & safaris services include schedule tour, group tours and motivation packages. Every customer to us is a good presenter to his, her or their families who are truly becomes our best advertisement/marketing our company around the word after enjoying their holiday’s Tanzanian trip with Mupana tours & safaris.

Our Promise!

Mupana tours & safaris provide you unique tours and safaris to all the destinations in Tanzania which include historical sites, wildlife, culture and general activities, luxury lodge safari to Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti Safaris & hot air balloons and relaxing on Zanzibar Beach. Always we prefer to make you an unforgettable experience and adventure.

Company History

Mupana tours & safaris was established in 2010,  by the family of Mr. Tonny Clarence Mwakolo who has offering his many years of his life to accomplish his dream of making tourism here in Tanzania. With a lot challenges to meet, lots of trial and error, lots of mistakes and lessons learned until the right practices were found and refined. I usually use my knowledge to acquire the best and unique customized services. Me and my Wife Levina Victor Mkenda we decide to open this company In 2010 by joining our effort so as to meet our passion, we usually use media to marketing our company which brings back the gracious fruits by having different customers from different countries. Up to this time Mupana tours has good achievements of increasing the numbers of our resources.

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