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Photography Tour.
Do you love photography! File up your exploration of Tanzania in photographs.Through capturing images of society conducted projects,local school sports teaching and market-bound trucks heaped with bananas, Maasai children nestled up against their mothers’ backs, or a lioness tending her cubs. Teach photography skills to Tanzanian teens(School Teens).

African Culture Learning Tour.
On Culture Learning Tour, you and your students work side by side with locals on community-driven projects in Tanzania like local schools/houses building.Teaching local school sports and different life skills to improve their life after school/classes.
Take adventure with the most popural culture people of Tanzania Maasai,Hicking the oldonyosambu mountain with them,learning the Maasai culture in different categories such as how they live,their cattle and their activities in generally.

Wildlife Tour.
After those two assignment accomplished,then the wildlife tour will lead the safaris to have more than two parks(3 Parks).Pick up from Arusha to Lake Manya National Park,Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire/serengeti National Park. Take a photo/videos of animals and file them for your memories and inspiration of other


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