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Digital Transformation Services for your business

To integrate with the TradingView platform to enable real-time updates. To enable users to trade, store assets in the wallets and withdraw/deposit funds – securely. CareersCareers – Are you interested in building a career in a dynamic, agile and rewarding environment? To learn more about what your software project might cost, reach out to Net Solutions today for a free, no-obligation quote. A cost-effective solution to accelerate go-to-market while reducing remedial risk significantly.

digital platform development services

Though the world is so digital right now, people still trust traditional financial providers more than fintech companies. It’s fundamental in building a long-term relationship, especially when the number of cyberattacks increases. We are here to modify the product into simple, fast, and modern tech solution. We care to make your Insurtech app the best decision-making and insurance planning tool. With AI, we build apps that predict consumer needs and purchase quantity just right. “They quickly grasped what we wanted to do and have designed and delivered solutions to achieve this.”

Key Enablers

Our mature and evolving portfolio of ecosystem partners gives you access to ever-expanding opportunities to accelerate new solutions and drive growth. Some processes cannot be implemented just with software or hardware, but instead require both, e.g., in IoT or E-gaming. Several databases for various purposes provide greater velocity, speed, and stability. Achieve Unified Customer Experience with efficient and intelligent insight-driven solutions. Empower enterprises to build Fast Release Cycles and seamlessly integrate with the exciting stack. Overview of developing and implementing Enterprise AI Infrastructure Capabilities on Kubernetes.

From all of them, one of the most popular and essential is internet security…. It means you don’t have that server in which you are going to be managing and putting your entire application…. Apache Solr is an open source search platform developed upon a Java library described Lucene. Solr is a kind of full-text search server that uses the Lucene Java search library… Software Quality Management techniques, best practices, and overview of top tools.

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As part of the LogiGear Group, we can offer a wider range of full-cycle enterprise apps development services that can support the digital transformation of your operations. We have the skills to deliver this, whatever applications define your enterprise systems landscape (e.g. ERP, CRM, HCM, Integrations, Custom Web apps, Custom Games etc.). Our team of highly-experienced Developers and Software Engineers are well-versed in a wide range of full-stack development tools, technologies, and methodologies.

Our company offers a reliable open-source platform development service.We are here to listen to your ideas and start working on customized web-developing solutions. Take a look at how our services work and make sure to contact us today. Digital Strategy One is here to help with the marketing strategy you are looking for. Digital platforms have helped organizations open doors to new revenue streams by monetizing existing assets and creating new ones. Transforming business via innovative ‘as-a-service’ models, digital platforms enable organizations to focus on orchestrating better customer experiences and delivering digital aftermarket services. Our product and platform development services drive digital and business transformation.

Evolve Markets is a US-based broker that developed a platform for users who want to leverage trading of crypto, FX, stocks, commodities, and indices. They were looking for a software development partner to elaborate on the UI part of the dashboard. PoC building includes the process of testing whether your idea is feasible. By creating a minimal functioning prototype we will check whether key features of the future product are going to work within the proposed technology. You create a software product through a software development process.

Apexon combines the latest development methodologies and tools with proven expertise so you can deliver innovative products faster. Digital operations services help augment operational efficiencies while ensuring security and reliability. This enables enterprises to continuously innovate and grow their customer base. Inspiring possibility and providing technology & platform development for some of the most recognizable brands on the planet. Introduction to Serverless Computing In the early days of computing, hardware dictated the flow and development of products and services where PCs shined above the rest.

Our open-source platform development service is here to help you adjust your patent, your program to reach its full potential. In most cases, open-source development strategies will give your product the greatest recognition on the market.Contact our professionals to make your product visible and adjustable to users around the globe. Digital Strategy One is here to offer reliable services related to programming and open-source platform development. Contact us and we will provide all the information you may need. Our platform development team will help you get the competitive edge through the application of big data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence technologies. We will create comprehensive tools for analyzing, predicting, and modeling each unit of data so that you could make actionable conclusions.

digital platform development services

Mobile games, smartphone apps, Microsoft Office, and the media player you use to watch videos on your phone are all examples of software products. One of the most important categories of software products is SAAS platforms. These can be effective bespoke solutions to help enterprises digitize operations and become more efficient. With these services, we help sustain an enterprise’s digital platforms to meet its customers’ expectations—in terms of highly functional and new user experiences, and steady improvements in scalability, security, and reliability. These services help enterprises derive the best value from their digital platforms. With deep understanding of the customer, we help determine the best approach toward digital transformation and work closely with its teams to establish the roadmap.

Streamlining Application Engineering with GCP Solutions

This type of development offers much more flexibility and personalization features. For organizations, this presents a unique opportunity to develop software solutions that will help them engage with their customer more effectively. As mentioned before, open source projects’ main benefit is that it allows developers to explore the source code and make custom solutions and improvements to the original code. Individuals or organizations can have custom-made solutions created specifically designed to meet their needs. Open-source platforms are designed to make that easy and provide additional features and tools to help create custom software.

It has a low cost and makes it simple to store and retrieve any amount of data. This is the main stage at which the team develops a product according to the needs of the client, depending on the chosen technology stack. By identifying your key requirements, we prioritize features and functionality and the order of their creation. That results in building a defined priority backlog and project vision.

We create research-based UX&UI designs, smooth user flow, and intuitive app design. DigitalSuits delivered a robust application from which the client can anticipate significant results. The team was highly motivated and demonstrated real dedication to the project’s success. They weren’t afraid to dig deeper into the business idea behind the product to implement the best solutions. By hiring our digital product development agency, you do not worry about recruiting, staffing, or managing issues as you pay only for development hours. We create a product that supports minimal must-have features and scalable architecture.

API integration allows apps to easily communicate with third-party services and programs, exchange data with them, and reflect all changes in real-time. Your digital platform can set the tone for every customer interaction with your organization. It’s where your customers interact with your brand, get to know you, and turn to you first if they have a question. Building, connecting, and scaling technology in the pursuit of simplified, inventive solutions for your customers and employees alike.

As you may already know, developing software solutions means writing and compiling code lines using a specific programming language. Open-source projects have become an effective way of making the software source code public. These types of projects have become popular for a simple reason. Both professional and amateur software developers can now study, adjust and improve their software designs through open-source platforms.

with the leading product Development Platforms & Tools

While the team did not have extensive unit tests, they did have a good set of functional tests that provided overall feature coverage. The specific product line involved in this case study is Decision Space Nexus – a next generation reservoir simulation software suite. To assist the client in the creation of a crypto-currency platform (website & mobile App) from scratch. Blockchain technology and decentralization, together with crypto-assets, are transforming the way organizations in various industries are operating. Continuous InnovationContinuous Innovation – Running JD Edwards E1 offers greater control over which updates you take and when. We’ll help you innovate, mitigate risk and accelerate time to value.

  • They’re also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards.
  • Our designers understand how users think, so they can deliver an experience that they’ll genuinely enjoy.
  • PICASSO is a framework to build and implement digital service platforms on top of a connected ecosystem of assets.
  • This empowers organizations to enhance their business outcomes by getting digital right.
  • Building unique solutions to deliver more value to internal and external stakeholders, while helping enterprises to stand out from the crowd.

Test leads for the pilot were established with workflows prioritized and accountability for initial automation split across assigned testing resources. In addition to providing experienced test automation engineers, LogiGear also provided a maintainable test automation platform in TestArchitect. LogiGear worked with Landmark to customize the tool to fit their very specific needs. This customization was critical so that all of the test cases could be automated. In addition to the challenges of long computation times, reservoir simulation presented an additional challenge – the problems were being solved by approximation techniques.

Technology & platform development services that fit your schedule, budget, and your unique vision.

Improve legacy platform performance, maximize value, and create new business opportunities with digital platform consulting and re-engineering services. We will add new functions and features to your digital platform, reduce security risks, conduct migration to the cloud, and redesign your solution architecture. As an eCommerce software development company, everyday we strive to help our clients meet users’ expectations and achieve their business goals. Our process is much more than just writing a code, we look deeper into business processes, users needs and market trends. Workpack is an integrated software platform that provides solutions for project management in the engineering and construction industry. To design and develop a new system with features to allow businesses and general contractors to manage and enhance complex, large scale construction projects.

To optimize the budget, we also define potential risks to minimize their impact on the project and its cost. You will get a detailed outline of features and key characteristics of the product, what benefits and strengths your product will offer, and a short competitive analysis to help your product to find its niche. At this stage we determine general ideas of the project, the scope of work, the terms of the project and the competitiveness of the future product. We will adapt the design in a way that is convenient for the user.

With the help of assessing project development, building a roadmap, and software architecture designing, we will check software components’ interactions and connections to ensure the quality of a future product. To design an web application and develop a data processing tool to extract and collect multi-source data from sales and marketing teams (sources – API, website, excel files, social networks etc.). To standardise data and provide analytic reports to business management to optimise sales/marketing performance. DWS has a long-standing reputation for delivering market-leading services and software. We have built strong and long-lasting partnerships with our clients by building a detailed understanding of their specific requirements and consistently delivering high quality, on-time and within-budget solutions. Software product development is the act of designing, coding, testing, and implementing a software product.

Digital Platform Development

We offer the convenience and security of working with a professional U.S. company while also providing the benefits of affordable near-shore development. Turn to Excel SoftSources for a long-term partnership leading to success. You can count on us to provide professional, quality development and staff augmenting services to help you meet your needs and deliver results on time. Our team of digital platform developers has the experience in design and development you’re seeking. Introduction The importance of cybersecurity increase with the adoption and reliance on digital products and services. The technological landscape is a vast battleground where threats look for…

It allows to test the product functionality, get real users’ feedback and fix bugs, and at the final stage, effectively develop a fully-fledged product that integrates users’ suggestions. By gathering marketing requirements, analyzing your needs and demands, as well as competitive solutions, we assist in defining your potential users, avoiding possible risks, and make your product unique. Successful development and delivery of a range of features for back-office applications and the mobile App. The client is a data services provider who is able to ingest, clean, transform and aggregate individuals and organisations data for business purposes.

Introduction to Incident Management Tools Incident management tools are software applications that help organizations manage incidents, track and monitor incident response progress, and measure the… Infrastructure management is the process of overseeing and maintaining the hardware, software, and related systems that support an organization’s operations. Companies can effortlessly access and analyze data that helps improve decisions with the help of business intelligence and data analytics tools and practices.

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